CHEF MARTIN: Best in test, consumers' guide September 2018

For people who think eating healthy is important, the meals by Chef Martin are the best choice. That was concluded last month by an independent test by the Consumentenbond (Consumers' Association). In this test various meal delivery services were being compared by a panel of experts.

The Consumers' Association tested 5 meals from the 8 biggest suppliers. Chef Martin got the highest score in health, composition and nutritional value. Additionally it seems that Chef Martin is the best in special and dietary wishes or allergies.

From the 8 biggest suppliers, Chef Martin is the only one where the delivery date can be chosen by the customer. This is due to the fact that the delivery service of Albert Heijn delivers our meals. Moreover, with 6 delivery days a week, Chef Martin is the most flexible delivery service.

Naturally we, Chef Martin, are incredibly proud of the results of this test. Of course we’re always looking for improvements. Chef Martin wants to stay the most healthy and most delicious food choice.

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